Course Description

This course is aimed primarily at those who appear to be fluent but who have difficulty speaking to “groups”, which they may define as a large audience in an auditorium or only a few people at a cocktail party. It includes extensive discussions of public-speaking techniques and of daily mind-training to elevate one’s life.

These videos are based on Lee’s exciting new 450-page book, “Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking”, which is available only through SAC. It takes the student through the journey from fearing public speaking, however he/she defines it, to loving to speak publicly by using The Lovett Method, which is based on sound public speaking techniques coupled with daily use of mind-training, all of which lead to masterful public speaking and elevated lives.

Recommended course pace is one lesson per week. This will enable the student to retain the information and to sufficiently practice and master its concepts before moving to the next lesson. All lectures are given by Lee Lovett.