Speech Anxiety Cures (SAC) is The Stop Stuttering Cause.  It is elevating the lives of speech-sufferers worldwide, but it needs your help to reach 70 million stutterers and hundreds of millions with severe speech anxieties.  Stuttering professionals continue to insist that stuttering cannot be stopped.  Yet, over 150 stutterers have already posted their Success Stories with SAC and in Coach Lee’s Speech Hall of Fame.

SAC is the world’s ONLY support community of EX-stutters and those fast-becoming ex-stutters. We have four goals for PWS:  (1) stop stuttering, (2) learn to love to speak, (3) adopt a lifelong regime of mind-training to elevate one’s life and (4) provide a support system of ex-stutterers that enables all to maintain fluency and convert stuttering into a blessing.  Routinely, SAC’s members are accomplishing these goals.  Just read their Success Stories and watch some of SAC’s videos.

SAC offers its extensive program for less than one hour of the average speech professional’s time. The value provided is well in excess of $5,000 — far less than one-tenth the cost of most low-end speech therapy programs.

SAC’s low fees are not sufficient to prevent it from drowning in red ink to cover the costs of Coaches, website and software development, technical support, marketing, administration, etc.  As Coach Lee says, “SAC is my only hope that my methods will survive me.”

SAC will not survive without donations.  Please help us help others – and you.  Every donation is critically important.  Any amount will help SAC advance its mission to eliminate stuttering and speech anxieties from the planet. Note: SAC is not a 501(c)(3). Donations are not tax-deductible.

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