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Doug NelsonDoug Nelson

I am a lot older than most of the other PWSS. I was born in the early sixties and there wasn’t much knowledge of how to help the parent or even a person who stuttered. Plus, the little knowledge that they did have did not work.
My parents were great parents but terrible parents as far as my speech journey goes.My mother would apologize to people when I spoke. She only let me speak when someone asked me a question and when they did I always looked at her for permission to speak
My Dad would always walk away whenI spoke. It was embarrassing to him.Things changed as I grew up because I had a little comedy act where I did impersonations and made up characters. I made people laugh and didn’t stutter at all. I would do the act if front of family and friends at first then graduated to do it at churches and some events. They were proud.
I didn’t know at the time what I was doing. I just loved to make people
laugh and I finally got the attention and approval from my parents?
My advice to parents is please to not make a big to do about your child’s stuttering problem. The incident will be in their mind for a very longtime. I still have the thought of my very first day of school and the kids laughing at me when I couldn’t say name. The key is getting rid of the negative and having mostly positive memories. Drawing attention like Tasneem says will make it worse.
Another suggestion is to give your child love and support. Get them in this program. If they stick to it, I promise you that they will beat stuttering.
Thank you,
Doug Nelson
Coach in Training