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Here’s the link to the SpeechMasters Club (anyway, you can find it if you click on the “Community” Section and then go to “SpeechMasters Club”): https://speechanxiety.com/speech-club/

About your bad days…. I just want to remind you the words of Dr. Frank S. Caprio, that are mentioned at the beginning of Lee’s books:

“Most of us go through life
knowing only half of ourselves…
So, we use only half of our abilities…
We suffer –
because we are strangers to ourselves.”

“We have free choice:
to accept or reject thoughts.
Nothing compels us to think anything
except our own desires.

Use your mental switch
to dictate your thoughts…
Believe that you can improve
and you will.”

Frank S. Caprio, M.D.
Helping Yourself with Psychiatry
Prentice Hall, 1957 et seq