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Leah Areff

Great advice Javie. I would add that there are 13 crutches, and there is therefore absolutely no need to force yourself to use just one crutch in any particular circumstance. I have had many situations where I was simply more comfortable using a different crutch than the one I would usually gravitate to. The more crutches that you have at your disposal, the better.

However please let go of the belief that certain crutches only work in certain situations, this is the same brain that is telling us that we only stutter on certain words or to certain people. While yes this may be the case, it is due to our choosing to do so. If you need assistance practising the crutches, why don’t you watch choose from our huge selection of videos on our website? Better yet, sign up for coaching and you will receive one on one coaching by one of our certified coaches here at SAC.

Good luck and keep us updated!