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Well, the way I see it, those who don’t WANT to believe it, they will never believe it, even if you show them evidence that prove they are wrong. It makes no sense wasting time. Dale Carnegie was right about that, and many other things.

Those who seek for a cure/solution, that’s a different story. For those, they only have to check the videos of the coaching sessions, you can see the progress a determined PWS is making (you can actually see mine, as all, or most of my coaching sessions were recorded and are available here, if anybody’s curious. They can also check the 100+ Success Stories, and even attend or watch the videos of the SpeechMasters Club meetings, where a lot of PWSS attend. You can listen them speak, and you would have never guessed that they used to stutter, some of them quite badly (I include myself in this group).

So those who are really seeking for a cure, this is the right place. All they need to do is follow the instructions detailed in the book, the courses, and the coaches. If they do that, their stuttering days are counted.