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Prathusha Ravi

Hi Ken,

I completely agree with Tasneem and Javier !!

Javier inspired me to bring on some mind games while coaching the PWS. So, the mind game I use in my sessions are called “RAPID FIRE” so it goes like this !! When I ask the 1st question to the PWS, he/she must not answer it but when I ask him the 2nd question he should answer for the 1st question and when I ask him the 3rd question, he should answer for the 2nd question which I asked earlier and it goes on and on…

So, basically this game keeps their mind completely occupied because when I ask them the 2nd question they need to focus on the question that I’m asking and at the same time they need to formulate the answer for the 1st question which I asked them earlier!! So, this proves that when a mind concentrates on more than one thing it is impossible to stutter.

Stutter occurs when a person starts “PLANNING WORDS” and this game stops them from doing that 🙂