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Leah Areff

Hi Prathusha,

I love what you have written! Though I must comment, I am more impressed by people who HAVE to work hard to get what they want. The fact that somebody had to work hard for something makes it MORE admirable in my opinion, purely because most people would not be willing to work so hard for something, and would rather use excuses as to why they cannot attain it.

I hear it all the time; “I was too busy”, “I was too depressed”, “I was not in the mood”. Well then buckle up for a lifetime of humiliation and misery caused by stuttering, simply because you were “not in the mood” to practice. We have posted over 100 success stories, and every single time I see a new SS being posted, I marvel at the fact that somebody took control of their lives and stopped making excuses and blaming other people!