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Leah Areff

I would have to say when I see the gradual personality changes in my PWS. I do not even think they notice it, but if they keep doing all of their work and improving, they start to change with each session. They smile a bit more, they seem happier, more confident, like this weight they have carried with them for years, is slowly lifting off of their shoulders. I know exactly the stages they go through, as I went through them myself.

If you had asked me 3 years ago whether I thought I would be an inspiration to anybody, I would have laughed for a couple of hours. And while of course, I understand that I am just their guide and that THEY are actually doing all of the hard work, I get extremely emotional when I am told that I have helped them “change their lives” and “do things that they never thought possible”, as I have. That is what makes this all worth it!