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Adam Werth

Speaking on the phone??? I simply speak over the person as they are speaking to get that choral effect going…and it’s not meant to be rude to them. It’s to help me out.

I simple start out by not holding the ear piece of the phone into my ear….I hold the ear piece of the phone away from my ear, and start to speak excitedly and speak over the other person—–that’s gets words out easier!!! If folks think it’s rude for me to speak over them when in fact it helps me…..that’s their problem…not mine!!!

Come on-we all text!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya know what I hate….most of the world texts….but someone knows you MAY OR MAY NOT STUTTER and they call you anyway!!! when they could text!!!!! Only call when it’s an emergency!!!!!!!!! Some people I know do that to me..call me when they could text..and they know who they are!!!