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Hi Gábor! Welcome to Speech Anxiety Cures. It’s great to have you here. I also used to grimmace and have those blocks you mentioned, some of them lasting for several seconds. The good news is thanks to Lee’s method, I stopped stuttering, in all situations. You can also do it!
Have you taken the online course? It’s fantastic. It makes the book so much easier to understand. Of course, watching videos of the coaching sessions is also very helpful. I used to watch at least one per day. You can use a lot of filters and watch the most suitable videos for you (for example, if want to watch videos that explain, for example, Crutch 1, or that explain Self-hypnosis, or that focus on giving presentations, job interviews, etc).
There’s also a lot of very useful stuff on the Blog and this Forum. So feel free to ask us anything!!
Be sure of one thing. More than a hundred people have posted a Success Story (and therefore become PWSS). If they have done it, you can also do it!