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Hi Gábor,
Tasneem is very right. This program requires a lot of discipline and patience. I was a severe stutterer (you can actually find my coaching sessions with Lee when I was a PWS in the video library of this website and check it yourself), and I managed to become a PWSS in around 8 months. 8 months of reading aloud 1h/day, of doing auto-suggestions/self-hypnosis, of using the Crutches. I didn’t give up. And now I am a much more determined, patient, hard-working person. But thanks to mind training I have become a much more loving person. I am able to control what goes on in my mind. I am able to reject all the negativity that used to be in my mind, and make sure it never returns. I know how to reject it. And if it wasn’t for this program (and therefore stuttering), I strongly doubt I would be like this. Yes, it is true that I have suffered a lot during my childhood and teens, and I can’t even wish that to my worst enemy, but on the other hand I’m grateful for having these tools and becoming the person I am today.

It took me 2 years to realise about this. It is not easy, and you don’t usually come to this conclusion very quickly, as you can see. But I agree with Lee’s affirmation: stuttering can actually be a blessing.