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Leah Areff

Hi Amit,

Welcome. How are things going with your speech? Please remember that having fear for a while after you stop stuttering is completely normal. Do you think that Rafael Nadal goes on to the court without having some sort of fear? You would think that since he is the best tennis player alive, he should have no fear right? But he does, because he cares about his game and he is extremely passionate about it, and of course he is sometimes afraid to lose the game, just as we are afraid that we will start stuttering.

The difference is that, as hard as Rafael Nadal practices or how well he plays, he may still lose the game. With us, we are not competing against anybody else, it is me against me. If I do not consent to stutter, I never will. Simple as that. Fear is just fear and nothing else. As long as you do not allow the fear to manifest into a hesitation, block and then stutter, you will never stutter again.

It took about a year for my stuttering speech fears to completely disappear, but, not ONCE did I stutter during that year! Hope this helps!