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Hi again Cindy! If I’d be you, I’d practice more Crutch 11, speaking like a King. Take your time, speak more slowly. There’s no need to rush. Take your time. The employer will actually appreciate it, and prefer that compared to somebody who speaks really fast, without pauses, in a hesitant way.
And ask questions, show interest in him/her, how long has he/she been working there, what’s the thing she likes most of this company….. They will like it a lot!
Have you read “Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking?” and watched the video course? You can find very good suggestions for these cases there.
You don’t need to be nervous, this interview and the employer represent no risk to you, they are not going to do you any harm… So stop worrying about yourself and your insecurities, and focus on them, find something likeable from them, ask questions, as I said before, smile, be friendly and loving…. That’s what I would do.
Of course, I would also do some research about this company and the position you’re applying to.