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Leah Areff

Cindy, I completely disagree with what you have said above. Do you know everything that every single person is going to ask you tomorrow? So how do you answer them without “rambling, sounding very incoherent, and hesitating” as you say? Do you not answer people on the spot all day, every day?

How is an interview different from a normal everyday conversation that you have with someone (again, having no idea what they are going to ask you and therefore having no idea how you are going to answer them). Yes, an interview is nerve-wracking, but it is that way for everyone. What you are implying is that because it is an interview, you have to have the perfect answers, meaning that you have to plan your words. That is absolutely the only way you could have a perfect answer if you have written it down and are reciting it word for word, otherwise, your personality gets in the way (which is what we WANT).

You wrote: “Practice aloud your ideas until you do not have any hesitation and have confidence in your answers”. Again, I disagree with this. You should not have any hesitation if you do not allow yourself to have hesitation. Trust me, if you wait for the day that you do not have any hesitation as opposed to the day that you decide you will not hesitate, you will be in the same job for many years to come. You need to decide TODAY that you will not hesitate on any word, at any time, and you never will again.

This is what happened when I was trying to get over my fear of the phones. It was not as if I stuttered on the phone one day, and did not stutter on the phone the next day without fear. It took me months of practising phone calls using the crutches, all while my heart was beating out of my chest. Sometimes, I would get so nervous, I felt like vomiting, but I did not stutter. I hesitated many times, but I stopped, took a breath (paused) and then started again with a crutch. All the while, forming fluent memories of me on the phone. Trust me when I say I was not confident on the phone until January 2019.

It is a catch 22 – you need to put yourself in situations that you are not confident in to BECOME confident in those situations. If you are not confident speaking on the phone, and you wait until the end of the year to make a phone call, hoping that by then you will be confident enough to make that call, what would have changed between then and now?