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I hated my stutter. I simply hated it. I only wish I had found Lee’s book before. At least I found it and I became a PWSS. Now my life is a lot better than before. Better than I would have ever imagined.
So I agree with you guys, I can’t understand those who accept it. It’s like they give up.
After having gone to speech therapy for more than 10 years, without little or any progress, I ended up giving up. I knew there was no solution to stuttering at that moment. I knew that one day there will be one, but that day hadn’t arrived yet, so there wasn’t much I could do, just wait. I had to try to live with it, although I was angry, and even depressed, most of the time. As I said, I hated it.
Finally a good friend of mine, also a PWS, told me about Lee’s book, and the day I began reading that book I knew my stuttering days were counted.
So now that there is a solution, a way to stop stuttering, and that there is more than enough proof of its efficacy, I can’t understand those who deny it and prefer to life stuttering. And as Clifton said, no coach can ever help someone who’s not willing to help themselves.