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Leah Areff


It was gradual, every day I realized that in certain situations that I used to stutter in before, I no longer stuttered in. The day finally came where I thought to myself “Hey, I haven’t stuttered in weeks”, I did not even realize it!

There was one time after I cured (about 2 months afterwards) where I went through something traumatic and for 2 days I was allowing myself to stutter. It was not bad, in fact, nobody noticed, but I noticed. I spoke to Lee and he reminded me about the crutches and that nothing can make us stutter. So after 2 days of bad speech, everything went back to normal.

I do not think I ever feared relapsing because I knew that no matter what happened, I would never stutter again if I chose not to. It makes no sense that somebody can be fluent for weeks and then suddenly stutter. This means that you are capable of not stuttering and if you stutter again, you chose to.

I do not use speech practice or mind training anymore, but I DO read-aloud for FUN, and on those days, I feel more confident with my speech, but it is not necessary.

Some of my workmates told me that I was a bit different, one person even said that I dressed differently. Nobody actually ever said it was my speech. Which proves to me even more that NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR SPEECH!!! People do not care when you stop stuttering, in fact, because it is gradual, nobody notices it. Perhaps if you stuttered one day and did not stutter the next, that would be more noticeable, but as I mentioned above, that is not how the method works.