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Hi Estefan,
about what you said to Leah/Tasneem about experiencing hoarseness after reading aloud for 1-2 hours, this also happened to me. I remember days that I was more anxious, with more stuttering fears, and what I did to overcome that was to read aloud for 1 or 2 hours straight, using the Crutches while doing so, and just like you said, I began experiencing hoarseness, so what I did was to continue reading aloud in a whisper. Your brain will “hear” your voice just as well if you read in a whisper. And that’s what I did.
When I was about to become a PWSS, I had the worst sore throat of my life. I had no voice for one entire month. I even wnet to th doctor, and they prescribed me with antibiotics. So during that month, I continued reading aloud and speaking in a whisper. I couldn’t speak any louder. At that time, it was the most fluent month of my life, thanks to that Crutch precisely (Crutch 7!