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Leah Areff

Hi Gabor,

Yes, of course! Remember, you are trying to undo a THIRTY YEAR HABIT!!! You are not suddenly going to wake up after a couple of weeks and just speak beautifully, it takes practice. And by the way, I would like to commend you for your speaking on Saturday, I challenged you to speak in the SAM meeting, and you spoke like an ANGEL!!! All the coaches were raving to me about how great your speech was. You dared yourself to speak in the meetings and you spoke fluently. STOP being so hard on yourself, it takes consistency, discipline and patience!

I remember when I first started curing, my speech was not that great, then I cured and I still did not speak that well. It took a couple of months before I could say “Wow, I spoke really well today”. In fact, sometimes I STILL think to myself that I had a great speech day (my speech is no longer choppy, but there are definitely days where I speak really fast – old habits die hard). Give it about 3 more months and then come back to us and tell us if your speech is still choppy. See you at the SAM meeting this Saturday, and I hope you will speak more and more in them!