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Hi Gordon!
You gave a great speech this last Saturday in the SAM meeting, by the way.

About your question, I stopped stuttering something like 2 years ago. Every day, or almost every day, I do self-hypnosis in the morning, and sometimes at night too. As you might know, you might don’t need to focus all your affirmations to your speech, you can try to improve other aspects of yourself, that’s fine.

I try to read aloud a bit every day, I actually enjoy it, and I believe it still helps me continue improving my speech.

And of course, I use the Crutches when I need to. Speaking in short bursts, like a King, is always recommendable, as it will elevate virtually everyone’s speech.

So, in conclussion, I think it can be a good idea what you said: “I was thinking that I would do the full two-hour routine for another 3 months, to really ‘solidify’ the new neural pathways, and then taper back to 30 minutes of reading and one hypnosis session per day.

In the end, we need to be our own coach, watch our way of speaking, and figure out ways to continue improving. Have you read the blog I posted here, some time ago?:

How To Become Your Own Speech Coach