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Hi Charlotte!
Welcome to SAC! I’m Javier, a PWSS and one of the Certified Speech Coaches of SAC.
It’s great to see that your speech is already improving, that’s fantastic. Keep it like that, you’re going to beat it too! It’s just a matter of time. I used to be a severe stutterer all my life, and I began stuttering at around the same age as you.
Here’s my Success Story if you want to take a look at it:

Javier, Madrid, Spain

And here’s a video where you can compare how my speech used to be the first time I spoke with Lee and how it is now:

It took me 8 months to stop stuttering, but a lot of people have done it a lot faster than me. PWS normally stop stuttering in 2 or 3 months, but it depends on many factors. For example, one of my students became a PWSS in 5 weeks. After our second skype (second week) he stopped having bad incidents. And two weeks later he didn’t have a single bad incident in 4 weeks, so he posted his Success Story and became a PWSS. He hasn’t stuttered since then.
In any case, what we must know that you will stop stuttering, sooner or later. All you need is determination, patience and consistency.
The book alone is what many have needed to stop stuttering (it wasn’t my case). But the video courses, the videos of coaching sessions, the blogs and this Forum will surely make it a lot easier.
The video course of the Stuttering book is a great complement to consider. Having somebody (Lee) explain you the book, and to show you how to use the Crutches, for example, surely helps a lot.
Watching the videos of the coaching sessions is pretty much like being coached by us. And you can use the filters to find the sessions that suit you best.
And just like Gábor said, I strongly recommend you to attend to the weekly SAM meetings (Saturdays at 9am NY time, which, if I’m not mistaken, is 14:00h UK time). In these meetings you will be able to meet Lee, the rest of the coaches, other PWSS and PWS. You will learn how other PWSS stopped stuttering, make comments, ask questions. It is extremely motivating, and you learn a lot.
So I hope to see you this Saturday! The Zoom invitation to these meetings is at the end of the page of the Speech Club Section of this website:

SpeechAnxietyMasters – Online Speech Club for Stutterers

Please do keep us posted with your progress with your speech, and do not hesitate to post your questions here.
Have a great day!