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Hi Mirko! I’ve heard you speak in the SAM meetings, and, honestly, I’ve never detected any bad incidents, as we define them: clearly appearing speech disabled. So that’s definitely something good.
As you said, we will never be perfect, nobody will ever be, but we can give our best to continue improving.
Mirko, since I’ve never seen you stutter, I can’t give you any specific advice, but as you’ll surely know by now, speaking like a King will always elevate our speech. Using other Crutches, like Crutches 8, 9 or 10 will also help. Speaking more slowly will always make the use of the Crutches a lot easier.
Self hypnosis, in my case, has also helped me a lot, especially dealing with pressured situations and anxiety.
Reading aloud is also a great help. If you feel more nervous than usual, try reading passionately, using the Crutches, for 30-60 minutes and do an AST/SHT. This helps a lot.
And of course, we must always be a Speech Cop and make sure we won’t allow ourselves to force words.

As you might know, Mirko, if you’re a Stuttering member of SAC, you can ask for your 3 free coaching sessions with any of us, the Coaches.

Feel free to ask us anything! Have a great day