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Hi Jennifer! Welcome to SAC!
I’m really impressed about how you’ve described your stutter, it reminds me so much about mine. I also used to stutter a lot more when I spoke in English (because I planned a lot more words in this language).
I really love that you’re so enthusiastic about this method. That’s the spirit!!
The 3rd Edition is so much better than the 2nd one. It’s twice as long as the second Edition. And Lee is now working in a 4th one!!

If you have become a Stuttering member, I really encourage you to watch the video lessons of the Stuttering book (in this website, in the Section “Courses”). These will help you understand the book much better, especially when it comes to the Crutches and the mind training.

You also have access to +1000 videos of coaching sessions, and you can use the filters to search the most appropiate ones.

The SAM meetings (section “Community”) are also very useful. Why? you will meet us, the coaches, including Lee, and other PWSS and PWS. You will hear their stories, how they became PWSS, their questions, comments, you can also ask questions…. So you can learn a lot from here, and I find it extremely motivating. These meetings are every Saturday at 10am NY time. (If you’re a free member, you will also get access to these).

The coaches have written blogs in that section, and these are thought to complement the book, so you will find some very useful advice too.

If you’re a Stuttering member, you have 3 free coaching sessions with one of us, the coaches. While these 3 sessions might not be enough (or they might!) for you to become a PWSS, you will surely improve a lot if you follow our instructions.

And finally, I’d like to tell you that if there are so many success stories posted (PWSS), there is no reason to believe that you can’t become a PWSS too. I’m sure than even some of us, PWSS, had a worse stutter than yours!

All you need to do is put effort, determination and patience, and you’ll become a PWSS. No doubt about that, It’s a matter of time!!!

Will you attend to this Saturday’s SAM meeting? (you’re not required to speak if you don’t want to). I really look forward to seeing you there!!

(btw, I posted a similar reply to this one some days ago, but for some reason it hasn’t been posted)