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Hi Jennifer, you’re right. The Crutch Mastery Series course is still not available. Whenever it is, we will let you know.
In the meantime, you can learn to use the Crutches, and master them, if you go to the “Videos” section of this website. You will see that there are multiple filters that you can use to search videos. Among those filters, there are several that might help you:
– Specific crutches: “Crutch 1”, “Crutch 2” …. “Crutch 13”.
– Tags: “Crutches”, “Crutches Overview”, “First coaching session” (in the first coaching session we normally overview the Crutches), “Speaking like a King/Queen”, “modulation”, “word linkage”, etc.

Doing this can be a pretty good substitute of this course.