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Hi Michael,
first of all, wecome to Speech Anxiety Cures!! My name is Javier, I’m a PWSS and one of the Certified Speech Coaches here.

About your questions about ASTs: the more detailed and vivid these visualizations are, the better they’ll work for you. By this I mean, try to feel like you’d like to feel in those situations (in a video call, as you mentioned, for example). Try to visualize yourself in difficult or stressful speaking situations (personally, I do it in 3rd person, but at the same time trying to feel as if I was doing that video call; I don’t know if this makes sense to you), speaking in a relaxed, confident way, even enjoying yourself.
But don’t forget that the most important thing about ASTs is REPETITION. The most repeated thought becomes your dominant thought. Your dominant thought will become your reality.

Just like you said at the beginning of your post, you must be more consistent, and try to use the Crutches every time you’re going to say somehting. This is the only way you can acquire the habit of speaking using the Crutches, and therefore not planning/fearing words. And of course, you must also do the ASTs (and/or SHTs) and read aloud every day. This will expedite your self-cure.

Finally, about what you said about the 3 free coaching sessions, I’m sorry to hear that you still haven’t received a reply. I’m going to inform my team, and they will get back to you shortly.

I hope to see you again this Saturday at the SAM meeting!!!