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Hi Gábor and Adam,
I fully agree with what Gábor says. If you don’t like using Crutch 5, for example, don’t use it. As long as you know other ways (Crutches) to avoid appearing speech disabled, that’s fine!
As you might know, my first language is Spanish, not English. So, although I consider that I speak English pretty good, I don’t speak like a native speaker. And sometimes I might make grammar mistakes, or pronounce a word incorrectly. So what? Most of the times I am understood, and when I’m not, I will try to explain myself again, in a different way. Nobody cares. People have their own lives, their own problems… Nobody is going to think, or say, “omg, do you remember how Javier beat around the bush the other day???”

We are not being judged or examined every time we say something. We have to change that mindset. In my opinion, it’s absurd, incorrect, and harmful, as nobody gets benefitted by thinking like this.