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there are also some videos from a boy from Macedonia. This boy is 11. If you go to the Videos section and use the search filters of country, click on Macedonia, and you’ll find those.

About your speech, Derek, I’m glad to see that you just received the 3rd Edition of the book. As you said, you need to stop creating stuttering memories if you want to get rid of the stuttering habit, and therefore become a Person Who Stopped Stuttering. Since your case seems to be pretty mild, if you work on this method 24/7, you should beat it in no time.

I’d suggest you to start reading the book (aloud; do it in a whisper if you don’t want to bother those around you). Once you finish reading a Section of the book, watch the corresponding video lesson. That’s the best approach, in my opinion. If you need any help trying to figure out which video lessons correspond to which sections of the book, send me an email to jvalcazar@speechanxiety.com and I’ll gladly help you with that.

Once finish reading the Sections about the Crutches (and watching the video lessons), know that there is a video course dedicated to the Crutches (one video lesson per Crutch). Watch those videos too.

And of course, watching videos of coaching sessions is pretty much like being coached directly by one of us. And right now we have +1200 videos of coaching sessions. So, if you use the searching filters you will be able to find the videos best suited for you.

Please do keep up posted with your progress and your son’s! And ask us any questions that you might have, that’s why we’re here 🙂