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Hi Derek,
As promised, I emailed your post to Lee Lovett, and he asked me to send you this reply, as comments to your first message. So, Lee’s comments are in bold:

Derek, this is Coach Lee writing. I put my comments in bold in your email below. We can and will help you and your son.

“Hello to all,

I am new to the forum and am currently starting to learn the Lovett Method. I am a mild stutter with occasional flare ups when in pressure situations or upcoming speeches. Welcome, Derek. You ARE in the right place. If you master our methods, you WILL beat it and soon – and your son will beat it in due course.

I grew up stuttering with memories of my dad looking at me in the review mirror with annoyance/disappointment while saying “just say it son, get it out”. To non stutters it may not sound like a big deal but to us stutters those situations amplify the negative impact stuttering has on our lives. To this day I have the worse fluency around my father. No level of FEARED stutters (FS) should or needs to be tolerated. Everyone does NON-feared stuttering, and it should be ignored and forgotten. If you allow FS to continue, it well may follow you to your grave. Don’t allow that. Join us and stay on our programs until you stop all FS and teach yourself to LOVE to speak in all venues and can stay, “I converted stuttering into a blessing in my life.”

I now have two boys oldest just turned 3. His general practitioner has casually mentioned speech therapy not for a stutter but for pronunciation he does not speak very clearly. We see no evidence that professional therapists (PT’s) are able to help PWS of any age stop stuttering, because those PT’s either never stuttered or still do and simply don’t “get” stuttering. Would you take golf lessons from someone who had never played or who shot twice par?

As a stutter (my wife does not) I am over analyzing every word he says and am dreading the possibility of my son having to go through stuttering as a child at minimum. Don’t blame you. Last night my wife mentioned she has picked up on a few “stutters” he has recently made as I have as well (but kept it to myself). I didn’t sleep much as I have been fearing these potential roadblocks he may face. It is not “genetics”; it is monkey-see-monkey-do. He’s picking it up from you. First order of business is to get your speech to the highest possible level. Simultaneously, do as Javier suggested; take the Parents Course on SAC, while you master my book and the 20 video-lessons that I did on it for SAC.

Should I bring him to speech therapy for the pronunciation hoping that will help with his overall speech or just let him continue to grow etc. I would not do that. At 3 years old it maybe difficult to being teaching him the Lovett Method. I just want to do what’s best for him in minimizing/squashing a stutter. I have helped kids his age, but not many. One, Marley, posted a Success Story some time ago (). Kids under 15 are harder to help. I generally coach the parents to coach the child. Strange adults can intimidate children, as school teachers generally do however well-intentioned. I spent very little time with Marley, and only with his mom and/or dad present. The good news is that stuttering is no longer a life sentence (contrary to what SP’s preach). We help PWS of all ages beat ever single day!!! Join us. Beat your own stuttering while you help your son. I will coach you, if you wish.

I welcome all thoughts and appreciate your time in reading this post.

Derek” “All’s well that ends well,” (as said the divine WS), Derek, and stuttering problems should and can end well. Join us and get to work. Coach Lee