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Prathusha Ravi

Hi Amine,

Thanks for that interesting question. It is important, what you feed the most to your mind. I cannot ask a PWS to forget a bad incident (a stuttering memory) because he might have suffered a great deal with it in his past and maybe it is still haunting him. But what I can do is make him using the crutches which helps him in converting a potential bad incident into a fluent memory. The only way to forget bad incident is by building a pile of fluent memories and this is where “Mind Training” come into play. When you say “Everyday in every way my speech grows better and better”, maybe in the starting you will not even believe what you are saying but the more you say it, the more repetitive these affirmations impacts your mind. The most repeated thought becomes your dominant thought and your dominant thought becomes your reality. The mind training takes time to take effect, that’s why it is very important to use crutches to avoid any sort of disfluency during the treatment tenure. Please read my blog in mind training https://speechanxiety.com/2020/08/using-auto-suggestion-treatments-to-expand-your-horizons/