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Leah Areff

Hi Amine,

SOOO nice to have you! And thank you for the wonderful question. Prathusha has answered it perfectly.

I would add that fear does NOT cause stuttering, and as long as you believe that fear is a cause of stuttering, you will not cure it. The reason is that fear only disappears once we have stopped stuttering and proved to our brains that speaking does not require fear. The only reason that we fear speaking is because of negative stuttering memories. If we believe that fear equals stuttering, then every time we have a fear, we will think – oh well, I have fear, so I am going to stutter – then you will allow yourself to stutter. You will then never be fluent for long enough to form fluent memories and wash out all of the stuttering memories. In short, you will not be able to form a fluency habit and let go of the stuttering habit.

Also, many fluent people fear public speaking, yet none of them stutter? They just absolutely fear and loathe it. If fear caused stuttering, then fluent people would also stutter during public speaking.

I still had fears up to a year after I stopped stuttering, in fact, I had a fear randomly a couple of weeks ago in one of the SAM meetings. BUT, not ONCE did these fears cause me to stutter. Does this make sense? Let me know if you would like to have a quick Zoom meeting and we can chat about this. It is actually one of the most important beliefs that you need to let go of, so it is imperative that you understand and believe what we are telling you. What are your thoughts on this?

Hope to see you at the SAM meeting this Saturday!!!