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Leah Areff

Hi Adam,

The point of reading aloud is to “hear fluency” – so as to wash out the stuttering memories in your MMIB with FLUENT memories. This, and nothing else, ends stuttering!

Guess what, you do not have to come up with words “on the go”. This is a fallacy. We, as PWS, have been incorrectly taught from a very young age, that we need to plan and form our words. NO FLUENT PERSON IN THE WORLD DOES THIS. In fact, I challenge you to ask ANY fluent person if they “plan their words”, and they will not even understand the question. I have done this multiple times, and they always respond with “What do you mean, plan your words?” Then when I explain, they have a puzzled look on their face and they ask me “why would I need to do that?”.

Your brain is perfectly capable of forming a thought and then the word, WITHOUT YOUR HELP. This is why speech therapists and non-PWS views are so detrimental to the PWS world. They have no idea what it takes to cure because they have never stuttered themselves. Ask THEM if they ever have to plan their words, and I promise you, they will all say “NO”.

Allow yourself to just speak immediately – Crutch 13. Whenever you get the urge to speak, JUST SPEAK.

Does this make sense?