*Books — $99
*Courses — $4,134
*800+ Coaching-Video Library — $78/video
*Becoming a Speech Coach — inestimable
*Speech Club for Speech Sufferers — inestimable
*Savings per Speech-Coaching session — $150/session
*Plus the bonus of blogs, podcasts, monthly updates on Crutches and a community of like-minded anti-stuttering mates

BOOKS:  Included are Lee’s four speech-related books (with Lee’s latest book offered only by SAC, Speech Anxiety TO Public Speaking).  Based on Amazon prices, the value of these books is $99 (see fn. 1).

COURSES:  SAC provides four courses with an aggregate 53 lectures/lessons.  Using the Univ. of Maryland tuition-costs, there are 15 lectures/lessons per course, per semester, for which IN-STATE students pay $78/lecture (see fn. 2).  At in-state college-costs, that is a $4,134 value.  (At out-of-state tuition rates, it would cost $232/lesson or $12,229 total value.)

LIBRARY OF INSTRUCTIVE COACHING-SESSION VIDEOS:  SAC also provides access to 800+ coaching videos, by Coach Lee and the other SAC Certified Speech Coaches (CSC’s), to which video-sessions are added most days.  Each of these sessions is a marvelous “teacher” in and of itself. Subscribers can access these videos 24/7 and study and search them by topic (reading aloud, self-hypnosis, auto suggestion, Crutches 1, 2, 3, etc., First Feared  Words, Middle Words, blocks, repeats, and even by the first name of the student being coached; they are “My favorite TV show,” as one student called them. Nowhere else can anything like this be found. SAC believes that each of these coaching session is worth as much as one college-lecture, $78 (see fn. 2) which would exceed $40,000 (see fn. 3). Nowhere else can instructive teaching-sessions by ex-stutterers be found — at any price.  

PRIVATE COACHING:  Only SAC subscribers have access to private speech coaching by ex-stutterers, who have trained and been certified as speech coaches (CSC’s).  (Although SAC cannot guarantee the availability of coaching, it believes that its existing staff of six CSC’s can coach up to 400 students per month, and SAC hopes to gradually increase its staff of CSC’s.)  Most speech therapists have never stuttered or still stutter and typically charge $100-300/hour, perhaps averaging $200/hour. SAC charges the modest sum of $50 for one session declining to $40 for five sessions, the latter being 75% less or $150/session less than average therapist’s charges.   Those subs, who are able to take advantage of this service and do so, will save many times the cost of their SAC membership.

CAREERS IN SPEECH COACHING:  Only SAC offers a course to train PWSS (people who have stopped stuttering using SAC’s program) to become Certified Speech Coaches for SAC and, therefore, have the possibility of a part time or full-time career as a speech coach for SAC. (SAC cannot guarantee that any subscriber-PWSS will earn CSC status or that, even if they do, that there will be any demand for any such subscriber’s coaching services, although SAC believes that there will be a substantial demand, when this service becomes widely known. IF so, some subscribers could possibly earn sums far exceeding the costs of SAC’s program.

SPEECHMASTERS CLUB (SMC): SAC offers subscribers access to the only speech club, to its knowledge, that tailors its meetings to the special needs of speech sufferers.  As they will be offered online, SAC hopes to offer meetings at a wide variety of times multiple days weekly.  SAC currently intends to record these meetings and put in SAC’s Video Library, allowing 24/7 viewers by subscribers – unless those participating in the meeting ask the Host not to allow viewing of the meeting by non-attendees.  The goal of SMC is to help members teach themselves to love to speak in all venues. SMC hopes to be a feeder-club for Toastmasters (where speakers appear live, at a podium, with a mic and a live audience). Again, SMC is unique in the world and no dollar value can fairly be assigned to it.

BLOGS, UPDATES:  SAC offers blogs and frequent  updates of case histories and other speech-related matters, written by ex-stutterers.  Another unique service of inestimable value.

BECOMING PART OF THE WORLD’S ONLY ANTI-STUTTERING COMMUNITY:  As best SAC knows, SAC and its program offers the only anti-stuttering community on the planet.  If you have the courage to be a pioneer, this is the place for you.

“STUTTERING” Membership of  $199 one time + $9.95/month: Provides  continuing access to all products and services.

The question that YOU must answer is this:

What is the value of your fluency?  

Many are achieving their fluency here and nowhere else.


SAC’s Stuttering Membership
with an estimated value of well over $5,000 is…

Available for only
$199 one time + $9.95/month

How can there be so much for so little?  SAC is a Company with a Cause: to remove speech anxiety from the planet. Let’s do it together! Join today at SAC’s introductory prices.

[1] Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures ($29.95), Speech Anxiety TO Public Speaking ($29.95, IF it were available); WORDS ($29.95) and Happiness in 7 Steps ($9.95), total $99.

[2] U. of MD. in-State tuition is $10K/43 courses = $2,325/course/2 semesters = $1,163/semester/15 lectures per course per semester = $78.  Out-of-State costs are typically three times that amount. Source: Google, Business Insider, Personal Finance, Cost of a Single Course.

[3] See fn. 2.  At $78 per coaching video,  SAC’s current video library is worth over $40,000.