Vaskov, Denmark

I am a 27 years old PWSS who lives in Denmark. I had a stutter for as long as I can remember (roughly it started at the age of 6). The stuttering really affected my social life over the years and also some decisions in life that was based on my disabled speech (like skipping […]

Vikram, Washington, D.C.

Hello everybody, I’m Vikram Nandyala, age 22, male from Washington DC. I work as a management consultant. I stuttered since age 4 to 40% of the words.  Stuttering is something that has always been an obstacle for me up until now and it is something that I always thought would bring me down. I have […]

Micky, Minneapolis

My friends call me “Micky”, and I’m from Minneapolis, USA. I’m 52 years old. I’m on the police force. I started to stutter at a very young age. I have taken many speech therapies without much success. Now that I’m a police officer, effective and quick communication is essential, but I felt that my stuttering […]

Vincent, Florida

Some say that stuttering can’t be stopped.  They’re wrong. This is Vincent writing. I’m 42 and live in Florida.  I was a situational stutterer (anxiety stutterer) until recently. Now that I have taken control of my speech, I am in a new chapter of my life with a new job and new challenges having to […]

Vlad, South Africa

Vlad is my name. I’m 41, and I have been looking for fluency since my pre-teen years. I had therapies in my pre-teens and teens again a few years ago, but nothing has really come near to solving the problem. I’m currently employed as business consultant by a multinational agency in South Africa, where I […]

Wen, L.A. & Beijing

My name is Wen and I’m a 29-year-old venture capitalist from China.  An MBA graduate of Stanford, I’ve lived in the US and China each for about 14 years, and I also speak Spanish and French. However, I never quite came to terms with stuttering until I found Lee. I’ve struggled with stuttering throughout my […]