Kerry, Ontario

My name is Kerry. My mother is a stutterer and I’ve stuttered since I was 6. When I was in school, stuttering would come in waves for me – I have periods of fluency and periods of speech disability (mostly after the summer break when I wasn’t speaking as much). I’m recently began my new […]

Javier, Madrid, Spain

Buying Lee’s book was the best decision that I ever made.   My name is Javier. I’m 29 and I live in Madrid, Spain. I have been stuttering on many words in most situations since I was 4.  I blocked and repeated constantly. I couldn’t really talk at all to groups. I couldn’t stand it. I […]


Hope is a very powerful strength. It pushes you to accept the toughest challenges and to believe that even the most difficult obstacles can be overtaken. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the adequate tools this hope can be very dangerous too. Constant failures are painful and can lead to resignation. This was my situation after […]

Aadit, India

Hello Everyone. I am Aadit (INDIA), a stutterer. I am 25. I made my speech fluent by using breathing and jaw-tongue techniques, but those methods were tiring and mechanical. I discovered the book. Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, by Lee Lovett Sir and its methods and Skyped with him, and this has made it much easier […]

Adam, Maryland

My name is Adam.  I’m 33 and I live in Maryland.  I’m married with two children and I work with the U.S. Army.  I began stuttering around the age of four, and I recall seeing a speech therapist throughout elementary school.  My first big memory of stuttering negatively impacting my life was around 7th grade, […]

Adam, Ontario, Canada

Hi, my name is Adam and I am 21 years old. I am extremely happy to be writing this success story because it feels like I really accomplished something important in my life that I truly worked hard for that wasn’t lifting weights or running a far distance in a short period of time or […]

Adrian, Chicago

I will never be able to thank Lee Lovett enough, for everything.  I can’t explain how important his book was for me.  My life can be segmented into “BL” (Before Lee) and “AL” (After Lee), and After Lee is a much, MUCH happier chapter and life.  By the way, my name is Adrian, I’m 34, […]

Ales, Czech Republic

“Is there a cure for stuttering? Will I ever be “normal”? Is there someone like me out there? For almost 30 years, I was convinced the answer to these questions is “NO!”  My name is Ales.  I’m 32 and I live in the Czech Republic.  I finally found answers and a ways to stop stuttering, […]

Alex, Winnipeg, Canada

My name is Alex.  I’m 21 years old and live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  I’m currently a university student studying accounting.  I began stuttering at the age of three. As I wrote to John Harrison, Lee Lovett’s program is by far the best practical approach I’ve ever heard of to address chronic stuttering.  It definitely […]

Amer, Bosnia

Hi everyone. My name is Amer. I’m 29 and I am from Bosnia. My stuttering started at the age of 7, first upon elementary school. I don’t recall concrete event that triggered my stuttering, but I surely remember all the frustrations and hard times that I went through. On first days in high school we […]