I am Tom. I’m 32 and live in Texas, where I work in the construction business. I began stuttering at age 13 and struggled with half or so of my words, under pressure, even doing some shut-down blocking, which gave me headaches, a tight neck and throat. It was worst when I had to talk to groups or in meetings. It was especially difficult saying names and talking to strangers and on the phone.

In early 2020, I found Lee’s Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures, and it gave me a huge, maybe 80% improvement, but the improvement fell to 50% and then 25%. I emailed Lee and began Skyping with him. I worked hard on the Crutches. This helped a lot, but I still had trouble in high pressure situations. After a half dozen or so sessions with Lee, by April, I had hadn’t had a bad incident in over a month. It’s August now, I’m still not having bad incidents anymore. I used to think negatively about my speech 45 or more minutes of every hours; now, it’s down to 5 to 10 minutes and falling.

My message to fellow-stutterers is that Lee’s methods do work. His book needs to be studied and you need to try hard to do what he suggests. As of this writing, Lee is still coaching PWS for free. In addition, his methods have been made much easier to understand by Speech Anxiety Cures/SAC with video lectures by Lee and hundreds of video-coaching sessions, all of which give good instructions. In sum, the methods work. You can stop stuttering. Life is much easier without that curse.

TOM, Texas, April 2020