I began stuttering at age six.  It got much worse in my school years and it left many scars.  My name is Valentine.  I’m 44 and live in Georgia.  I earned a B.S. in Economics and a Masters in IT, and I work in finance in a large company now.  I had therapy at a major institute, and, even though my stuttering got better in my twenties and thirties, it still plagued me.  

Early in 2018, I found Lee’s book on Amazon, and it helped me a great deal.  I emailed him, and we began Skyping.  Between the books and the Skypes, I was able to begin avoiding stutters.  The last time that I appeared disabled was three months ago, and I can say “I can avoid any stutter” now.  I still have speech anxiety, but it gets less and less all the time. 

I just want to say that Lee’s methods and his book did it for me.  I’ve quit stuttering, and I know that I can avoid any stutters.  That’s what counts to me.  If you stutter, you owe it to yourself to get Lee’s book and join Speech Anxiety Anonymous and get some help from people who used to stutter and beat it.  You’ll never regret it.

VALENTINE, Georgia, September 2018