Lee Lovett battled stuttering for some 25 years, before finding ways to defeat it and to teach himself to love to speak.  That was roughly forty years ago. He became an outstanding speaker, attorney and businessman, and, as a labor of love, over the decades, he coached stutterers of all ages and ethnicities across the globe. Since he published the 1st Edition of his book in early 2016 through late 2019, he devoted 5,000+ hours to coaching his readers online free and then wrote the 2nd and 3rd Editions of his much-loved  book, “Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures”.  

In addition to the many lengthy, detailed and incredibly compelling Five Star book reviews on Amazon, further proof that The Lovett Method works exists from his free coaching of readers which he estimates has led to some 200 self-cures (defined as those who stopped stuttering), 150 of which can be read and some seen in videos in the “Success Stories” on the website of his self-help organization, Speech Anxiety Anonymous, which he alone funds. Lee adds that over 90% of those whom he has coached actively have stopped stuttering, some as long ago as 2016 and less than 5% have relapsed. More Success Stories are added every month by Lee and SAC’s Certified Speech Coaches, all ex-stutterers whom Lee trained to coach for SAC. To the best of Lee’s knowledge, this is the only such body of similar proofs in the history of stuttering (which is still viewed by many as “an incurable disease”).  In Lee’s and SAC’s view, these proofs demonstrate that stuttering and related speech anxieties can be stopped – by those who use The Lovett Method, which is the basis of SAC’s self-guided program to eliminate stuttering and speech anxiety while elevating lives through mind-training.

A group of Lee’s ex-stuttering students are the driving force in SAC, which is the world’s only community of ex-stutterers and those fast becoming ex-stutterers.  However, while Lee has spent the last five years trying to make his techniques widely known in the hopes of eliminating speech anxiety from the globe, he now concedes that he “lacks the time and skillsets” to accomplish his goal. Therefore, Lee licensed his methods to Speech Anxiety Cures (SAC), a Delaware corporation led by one of his much-admired ex-law partners and two of his sons. Lee is neither an officer, director nor shareholder of SAC nor is he paid by SAC. Lee feels that they and thus SAC understand and support his passion to help PWS, and, therefore, will not misrepresent his methods and will market their resultant products and services at prices far less than the cost of typical speech therapies, which far too many simply cannot afford. Accordingly, Lee is supporting SAC and assisting it, while he continues his free coaching of as many speech-sufferers as his time allows.  

SAC and Lee have now created video-courses and related products and services that make The Lovett Method infinitely easier to follow and, in time, may well lead to the elimination of stuttering and related speech anxieties and the use of mind-training to elevate their lives.

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