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Do you struggle with speech anxiety?

Severe Stuttering

Repeats and blocks 50% or more of your words.

Mild Stuttering

Inability to say 10% or more of your words under pressure.

Public Speaking

Fear of talking to groups with as few as two or three.
Speech Anxiety Cures (SAC) offers a unique, proven program utilizing The Lovett Method, enabling a fast-growing army of speech sufferers to overcome speech anxieties and elevate their lives.

Success Stories

By People Who Stopped Stuttering Using Our Methods
"I started stuttering at age seven, shortly after my father was murdered in his bed beside my mother. The gunshots still ring in my ears...For years, I believed there was in fact, no cure for stammering...I have read Lee’s book now three times and I love how practical the steps are. No jargon, just easy to follow steps to assist yourself cure...Lee’s crutches are great...Lee is a modern day saint and you should trust his methods and start your self cure today."
"After stuttering severely all of my life and spending about $30,000 in two years of unsuccessful therapy in New York, I found Lee’s book and started Skyping with him. Within four months or so, I stopped stuttering. That was three years ago, and I haven’t relapsed."
"I was a severe stutterer from age 3. After 12 years of daily therapy, therapists told me that I’d just have to live with it.  I worked learning Lee’s methods and practicing the Crutches. It works! No one now thinks I stutter.  Four years later, I still don’t stutter."
"For those of you who have faced this struggle, Lee Lovett is the real deal. For the first time since age 3, I can now say that I am not going to live my life as a stutterer. The seeming weight of the world has been lifted from me.  It’s been four years of fluency, and public speaking is what I do for a living."
"My mother and uncle stutter; so, for me, it was genetic.  My stuttering was noticeable by everyone and had become a curse. I consumed Lee’s book and began applying its methods. I stopped stuttering in mid-2018. It took about four months, and I am thrilled beyond words."  (This medical doctor confirmed her fluency 18 months later.)
"My son, Matthew, diligently applied Lee’s methods and we have seen incredible, fantastic improvement in his speech. We simply couldn’t be more pleased!"  (His fluency continues one year later.)
"I am now doing job interviews without stuttering, and I no longer fear talking on the phone and I don’t stutter there either. The stuttering curse can be cured."  (Over two years later, no relapse.)
"I highly recommend Lee’s books and methods to any stutterer that finds the conventional therapy not working or who has suffered relapse after a therapy. If you stutter, it’s time to stop. You can do it too." (Eighteen months later, his fluency continues.)
"The fact that I know the crutches is a huge self confidence booster, since it gives you 12 stutter killers to kill any block!"  (Over 18 months later, fluency confirmed.)
"I recently began my new career as a nurse, and my stuttering was the worst its ever been…I found Lee…a man who understood every nuance of stuttering who beat it without additional therapy…I found that using the crutches can be fun…I haven’t stuttered…With Lee’s methods my speech grows better and better every day…" (No relapse in over four months.)
"It’s all about mind training, mind control and dictating your thoughts. It takes practice, concentration, determination, will power and above all persistence. I’m convinced that most can make Lee’s methods work."  (No relapse reported 30 months later.)
"I began stuttering at age 5. That was the year my mother died. I had a grandfather who stuttered severely…I had inherited the “stutter gene”; my fate was decided. Lee Lovett was able to change this mentality…his methods do work. They take some work, but it’s worth it. You have an entire new life to gain. Stuttering does not have to be your life curse." (No relapse in the six months since.)
"From age 4, I suffered extreme blocks, nagging repetitions and facial distortions.  For 16 years, I was forced to constantly address the entire student body at my school to improve my stuttering but it grew worse every month, despite having a host of different therapies.  In less than three months, by using Lee’s methods, I stopped stuttering in May 2018, and I haven’t relapsed. This is a miracle for me, and I want to share it!" (This medical doctor reported no relapse 19 months later.)
"The Crutches are so powerful. I know that I can avoid stutters now. It’s time that all of us rejoice in the fact that stuttering IS a curable disease and Lee’s methods work." (No replase reported 15 months later.)
"I used to take pills for anxiety but I was able to quit once I started using Lee’s methods. Lee Lovett broke the stuttering code.   There’s no reason to keep stuttering, not anymore."  (One year later, no relapse reported.)
"Stuttering has always been a big part of my life. What cured me?  The emphasis on mind control and trying to be a better person and using Lee’s Crutches." (No relapse reported 19 months later.)
"Lee’s book, methods and coaching have changed my life for the better forever.  You don’t have to stutter either."  (No relapse reported 9 months later.)
"When I use Lee’s methods, I sound natural and fluent. I can avoid nearly all stutters, even when under intense pressure, and, as I improve my ability to use his methods steadily, the number of stutters has fallen to near zero."  (Nearly three years later, he re-confirmed his fluency.)
"I met with speech therapists but it was of no help. Lee’s book and his methods worked for me and I believe they can work for most who work at them."  (One year later with no relapse reported.)
"Lee’s methods of auto suggestion and using “crutches” has been the only thing that has worked. I want to thank him once again for the impact his methods have had on my life!" (Fluency confirmed 14 months later.)
"I have struggled with stuttering most of my life. It consumed my thoughts and me. I tried various therapies but they didn’t work. I loved Lee’s weird and wonderful ways to create a memory bank full of positive images. Today my speech is phenomenal!  It makes me so sad to think that people are wasting their lives when there is a cure.  I stopped stuttering in September 2018 and I help Lee coach other PWS."  (Fluency confirmed 18 months later.)
"I now use the crutches constantly. So here’s what I want to say to my fellow stutterers:  You can stop your stuttering. Anyone who doesn’t believe that hasn’t really applied Lee’s methods.  They work.   I now help Lee coach other stutterers."  (Fluency confirmed one year later.)
"I attended group speech theory, which actually made my speech worse.  I began applying the methods in Lee’s book and I have not had a debilitating stuttering incident in over 6 weeks!"  (Over a year later, no relapse reported.)

Watch Josh's story about how The Lovett Method changed his life forever:

Watch Faris' transformation from PWS to PWSS using The Lovett Method:

Courses to End Speech Anxieties

These courses (comprised of over 40 lectures) bring Lee Lovett’s speech-related books to life and make The Lovett Method much easier to understand and apply. The author talks to you, as he would in a private coaching session – removing the need for private coaching for many. You can play these lectures endless times at your leisure. SAC is the exclusive, worldwide licensee of The Lovett Method, proven to stop stuttering and speech anxieties.
  • From Self-Cured Stutters
    All courses are taught by Lee Lovett, who converted his own stuttering and speech anxieties into a love of speaking in all venues, including radio, TV and huge auditoriums. Many others have followed in his path.
  • The Lovett Method
    Our courses walk you through The Lovett Method to help you stop stuttering and learn to love to speak, while adopting a life-elevating, daily mind-training regimen.
  • Instructional Videos
    Our video-lessons break down the secrets of stopping stuttering and teaching yourself to love to speak.
  • Practices Drills
    Practice drills will ensure that you will master these successful speech techniques and principals.
"I joined SAC as a Stuttering Plan member and took your course, which is the best money I have spent in a long time."

Four Books Included with Courses

All courses and content are based on books written by Lee Lovett, the Licensor of The Lovett Method to SAC. One of these books (Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking) is available only from SAC. In addition to training videos, our Courses package includes PDF-downloads of all four of Lee’s anxiety-related books.

Over 100 Five Star Reviews on Amazon

"I have visited so many speech pathologists/therapists and this book has helped me more than all the speech therapists combined."
- Book Review by Dhams

Massive Library of Private Coaching Sessions

Over 800 videos of private coaching sessions. Watching them is like taking a private lesson. This library provides hundreds of hours of instruction, all for you to watch and study anytime at your leisure. New content is added weekly.
  • Find What You Want
    You can search these videos with key words to find discussions of greatest interest to you.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Each video-lesson is full of tips, drills, exercises, comments, and suggestions, all of which make applying The Lovett Method easier for you to do.
  • Inspiration
    Videos of real stutterers explaining how their lives have been changed by The Lovett Method.
  • Updates and Breakthroughs
    New coaching videos are added regularly to bring you the very latest updates, improvements and technique-breakthroughs, as discovered by Lee and SAC’s other Certified Speech Coaches.

How speech coaching videos help you stop stuttering

SpeechAnxietyMasters Speech Club

SpeechAnxietyMasters (SAM) is believed to be the only speech club that is tailored to the special needs and issues of stutterers and those with other significant speech anxieties. The club is also a community and support group for those striving for fluency. Once stuttering has been conquered, fear remains a problem. SAM is the ideal place to gradually get used to addressing groups. In many ways our club is a “feeder” to Toastmasters, where podiums, mics and the audiences of formal speaking exist.
  • Controlled Speech Practice
    While no one is required to speak, everyone has the opportunity to make comments and/or give short talks on any topic of their choice. Practicing speech before 10 or more online gradually becomes comfortable for regular attendees. We discuss aspects of speaking and how to do it better, including ways to use The Lovett Method. It’s also a great place to practice talks you must give in other forums.
  • Tips from Coaches
    Our Certified Speech Coaches often serve as hosts for the meeting, and they freely field questions from all. Coaches and other people who stopped stuttering offer a great depth of wisdom and advice to further fluency at all levels.
  • Schedule, Time Zones and Languages
    Currently, meetings are held on Saturdays at 9AM EDT and in time will be expanded to multiple weekly meetings in different zones – and in different languages.
  • Recordings of Meetings
    Watch recordings of previous meetings at your leisure.

About Lee Lovett

Lee Lovett battled stuttering for some 25 years, before finding ways to defeat it and to teach himself to love to speak. That was roughly forty years ago. He became an outstanding speaker, attorney and businessman, and, as a labor of love, over the decades, he coached stutterers of all ages and ethnicities across the globe. Since he published the 1st Edition of his book in early 2016 through late 2019, he devoted 4,000 hours to coaching his readers online and then wrote the 2nd and 3rd Editions of his much-loved book, "Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures". In addition to the many lengthy, detailed and incredibly compelling Five Star book reviews on Amazon, further proof that The Lovett Method works exists from his free coaching of readers... Read More
"If I can say ONE word anywhere, anytime, I can LOVE to say ANY word anywhere, anytime."

Teach yourself to love to speak and elevate your life with mind training using the Lovett Method – we did!

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